I live in California,
I dream of the hot.
I really like Attack on Titan and Pacific Rim, and the Elder Scrolls are embedded in my skin.



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Elder Scrolls Asks

1: Which TES games have you played?

2: Favorite TES game

3: When and how you got into TES

4: Favorite race

5: Favorite province

6: Favorite character

7. Favorite faction

8: Which province you would like to live in

9: Which deity/deities would you worship?

10: Favorite Divine

11: Favorite Daedric Prince

12: Favorite enemy

13: Favorite dungeon

14. You have awakened and you are a Cliff Racer. What do you do?

15: What would you do if you contracted vampirism?

16: What would you do if you contracted lycanthropy?

17: Are there any characters you have crushes on? If so, who?

18: Favorite Great House

19: Favorite TES music

20: In your opinion, what is the scariest thing in TES?

21: Favorite main quest

22: Favorite side quest

23: Most frustrating experience in a TES game

24: Funniest experience in a TES game

25: Most badass moment in a TES game

26: Saddest experience in a TES game

27: Favorite area/region

28: Least favorite character

29: In-game food item you want to eat the most

30: If you could try skooma, would you?

31: If you had the skills and resources to do a perfect cosplay of any TES character who would it be?

32: Have you read any of the novels?

33: Favorite class to play

34: Which type of magic would you most like using?

35: Favorite weapon

36: Favorite spell

37: Favorite artifact

38: You have awakened to find you're in Tamriel. How do you react?

39: Thoughts on ESO so far

40: Character you'd most like to hang out with